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Venom Sports' Scholarship Program
Venom Sports is a sports organization geared to promoting the development and competitiveness of young athletes across multiple sports. We participate in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), one of the highest levels of sports competition in the country, in addition to a number of other competitive sports leagues.
We believe that an athlete must not only strive to achieve and excel in the sports they play, but also academically. That is why we require our members to maintain passing grades. The successful blend of athletics and academics creates a more powerful and wiser player, a Venom player. It also positions the athlete to take advantage of college recruiting opportunities, when the time comes, and the rigid requirements for playing at the college level.

Venom Sports’ Scholarship program is designed to assist college bound seniors, who are members in any of Venom Sports’ Programs, in furthering their college education.

All successful candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a college bound senior in high school
  • Be a registered member of Venom Sports for three consecutive years
  • Meet Division 1 NCAA Clearing House requirements
  • Submit letters of recommendation from your last Venom coach, an opposing AAU coach and a high school teacher
  • Complete an essay as required by the application
  • Submit a transcript of grades
One male and one female Venom athlete will be selected for the award based on combination of their academic and athletic achievements, their commitment to sport, their overall achievements in Venom Sports and youth sports in general.

The Venom Sports Executive Board will award two $1,000 scholarships each year (one male and one female recipient). The certificate awards will be presented to the winners at their high school’s graduation ceremonies, normally during the month of June. The monetary award will be given to the recipient’s school, to be dispersed once proof of matriculation has been made. If the recipient does not matriculate within the first year, the award will go to the first runner-up.

All required documents must be submitted to Venom Sports no later than April 30th 2005. The application and supporting documentation must be forwarded to:

The Venom Sports Scholarship Program Committee
Venom Sports, a RA Vernon International & Tony C. Taylor venture
PO Box 1242, Ossining, NY 10562

Venom Sports reserves the right to modify the Venom Sports Scholarship Program at anytime. Contact us if you are interested in participating and please check back for more information.

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